We have the biggest state of the art rigs, and our great personnel technical experience.

Diamond Drilling

We have a wide range of diamond drill rigs which allow us to perform surface and underground drilling. We can perform hole drills with angles ranging from -90° to 0° from the cross over and reaching depths up to 2,100 meters. By using the Wireline system, we can obtain samples at P, H, N and B sizes.

Reverse Circulation

We have modern mounted trucks Schramm rigs which include 900, 1150 CFM and 350 PSI compressors. These rigs drill to  a 5 ¾” diameter and angles ranging from -90° to -45° from the cross over and reaching depths up to 500 m.

Double wall pipes, DTH hammers and tricones bits are used for this kind of operations, according to the geological formation. The Casing Hammer System is also used, which allows the insertion of the casing tube while drilling (this is a recommended method for alluvial or moraine grounds which collapse easily). 

Water Well

Our rigs have drilled Wells up to 500 meters depth. Depths will depend on the well and will vary according to the diameter, between 12” and 24”.

Geotechnical and special drilling

Our diamong drilling rigs perform this work, obtaining the following tests:

  • SPT
  • LPT
  • Lefranc
  • Leugeon
  • Shelby tube sample
  • Etc.

Directional Drilling

This drilling system allows us to direct  the drilling to our desired objective for the following reasons: unapproachable surfaces, maintain straight drillings, multiple objectives, direction control within specific formations, etc.