Eficiencia y Compromiso

The success obtained through more than 50 years of experience has gone hand in hand with Geotec´s employees progress; thus, their first concern is the professional and personal growth of its employees. 

Through continous and permanent trainings, our collaborators keep their loyalty to efficiency, competitiveness and safety in the operations, allowing us to have the best competent and technical team with great experience in the industry.


To keep zero accidents is our goal, so prevention is the answer. We meet the highest safety standards through:

  • Constant trainings.
  • The best safeguard tools available to all our employees.
  • Field operations supervision to make sure that peruvian safety regulations are met by  Geotec and all of their clients.
  • A professional Security Department.

Environment and Social Responsibility

We are aware that the environment is essential for our future. At the same time, we contribute with the communities where we operate. To achieve a good contribution, we have established an incident prevention proactive program, which is based in the following:

  • Preservation of the environment where our operations take place.
  • Constant cleaning and neatness at worksite.
  • Periodical and thorough maintenance of our rigs.
  • Quality, safety, occupational health, environment and social responsibility are all integrated in one Management System.
  • Contribute with the progress of communities close  to our worksite.


Customers find Geotec as an associate to accomplish their drilling projects in shorter and safety terms. This could be possible by:

  • 60 drilling rigs which totally adjust to the different geology needs  in ground, scope and location of the hole.
  • Specialized centers for repair and maintenance of the rigs.
  • Hundred percent operational rigs.
  • Periodical renewal of rigs.
  • Inclusion of latest technology.



Política del Sistema de Gestión Integrado


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